Killey Braegga Holiday Cottage Isle of Man


Set in the upper part of Sulby Glen near Tholt y Wyll, this old Manx stone cottage has spectacular views up and down the glen. It’s garden, which includes a picnic place, and a natural waterfall, is continuous with the surrounding hillside; and separated from the small road by a dry stone wall. On the other side of the road flows the Sulby River.

The glen contains many little-used footpaths, some of which have been renovated by Manx National Heritage, who own a lot of the land nearby. Your own transport is essential, as no buses use this road.

A couple of miles down the glen lies Sulby Village, with a village store/post office, a church, and two hotels, serving drinks and meals. Further up the glen lies a tea room, which has proved popular with our guests and the large Sulby Reservoir, where excellent fishing is possible (licenses are available from the Sulby Store). The road then climbs steeply, round some very sharp corners, and then through open Mooreland, to the reach the mountain road at The Bungalow. From here the mountain railway ascends to the top of Snaefell – the highest point in Mann. There are also miles of open hillside waiting to be explored.